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New Year

The new year hinges on the brink of mixed emotions.

I stand now on the wobble-footed chasm - (ever-widening) - between the blossoming of rebirth, renewal, and the nostalgia and decay of the ever gone.

Feelings are at conflict.

I walked through the mall today and sensed the twinge of anxiety that hung in the air as collectively we realized - drawing temporally further from Holidays -  that the celebrations were over. The party dresses left hanging in the shop windows seemed a little sad, filling the space with a loneliness unintended.

The world was quieter, with less of gaiety and frivolity. Words that now sound silly on the tongue.

But even as the light seems to dim a little inside us, as the curb fronts become lined with the evergreen Death of the Season, we do well to remember that new games are afoot. That we are at a beginning, which is much more adventurous than an end.

So to the New Year! With those celebratory and declarative capital letters. There is a reason for them.

Make this New Year count.

You owe it to yourself and others.

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