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when you drew the curtains 

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when you drew the curtains

it was no surprise

—every few years your vertex

got to itching,

i understood better than most

—we twitchy twitched with the best of them

and pens quivered just as fast


you were swallowed


raw and pinkish skin

you hid so well as armored


bohemian basement

blood orange martini mellow

and screaming ricochet across skull


bashing into walls

you resurfaced


breach then back again


seeking comfort

in chaos


and if i smoked cigarettes then

i could have taste it on your mouth


with purple flaring halo aura


Dali and porcelain mask

lights on dimly

under lounge soft-scarfed drapings

candles burning underground

living above Navajo face painter

traveling back and forth to Santa Fe

while two barreling Shepherds misbehaved


once again

but passing


flicker, whisper, hush


now the world falls silent


and i wonder at the sound


- C.R. Cohen

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